Company Briefing

Kang Yang Printing Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 in Taiwan. We are professional sticker printing manufacturer and have long-term experience to cooperate with foreign and domestic customers for 32 years.


Kang Yang has overcome traditional stickers and provided variety of high quality labels to improve promotion benefits. We have innovative Typography technology, for example: booklet label, 3D stickers, promotional label stickers, roll stickers , customized printing for trademark sticker of enterprises and so on. Kang Yang owns printing knowledge about various paper materials. We deeply understand different paper materials that will show different results and characteristics. For example: art paper, pearl paper, printing paper, holography film, kraft paper, PVC film, polyester paper, static PVC, aluminum film and so on. We are the best of special printing. We are with neat script, colorful pattern, fast shipment, so we are worth to get clients’ trust to be the first choice of sticker label. Kang Yang also have HP Digital Printing Machine and Full Rotary Printing Press, which provides our customers better service and more choices with low-quantity and high variety products.


Kang Yang appreciates all customers’ encourage, support and assistance for the past 32 years. We deeply expect that we can maintain our relationship with old customers and have more new clients. Please don’t hesitate to give us advises. Kang Yang will have better performance as feedback with your trust and support.